Magdalini Eirinaki
Associate Professor
Computer Engineering

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Magdalini Eirinaki is an Associate Professor at the Computer Engineering Department. Her research interests cover the areas of web mining and recommender systems and, in particular, on personalization, social network analysis and mining, aspect-based opinion mining, and social recommender systems. Her current research projects involve the exploitation of the abundant user-generated content available online, especially when social interactions, social content and/or connections exist.

Prof. Eirinaki has published several papers in refereed journals and international conference proceedings in the above areas. She received her Ph.D. degree in Informatics (Computer Science) from Athens University of Economics and Business in 2006 and has been affiliated with San Jose State since 2007.

She has served as the PC member, or Chair in multiple international conferences, including, among others, the IEEE Big Data Service 2015(track Chair), and the IEEE Big Data 2014 and 2013 conferences. She has also served as a reviewer in top-tier journals (TKDD, TKDE, TOIT, SNAM, etc.) and as a guest editor in the FGCS and Big Data Intelligence journals. Prof. Eirinaki's students have won national and local competitions, including the IBM-organized "Watson: The Great Mind Challenge" in (2nd place, 2014), and the SJSU student research competition (finalists - participated in CSU-wide competition, 2015). She has been awarded the "Distinguished Faculty Mentor" award by SJSU Research Foundation.


1) Recommender systems
2) Social recommendations
3) Social networks
4) Aspect-based opinion mining


(1) Lecturer, School of Engineering, UCSC, April 2007-June 2007
(2) Consultant, EXUS, January 2007 - May 2007
(3) Research Associate, Greek Parliament, 2004-2005
(4) Software Engineer, Unisystems S.A., 2000-2001


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(2) P. Kouki, S. Fakhraei, J. Foulds, M. Eirinaki, L. Getoor, "HyPER: A Flexible and Extensible Probabilistic Framework for Hybrid Recommender Systems", to appear in Proceedings of RecSys 2015, Vienna, Austria, October 2015

(3) D. Proios, M. Eirinaki, I. Varlamis, "TipMe: Personalized advertising and aspect-based opinion mining for users and businesses", to appear in Proceedings of SOMERIS/ASONAM 2015, Paris, France, August 2015

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(5) M. Eirinaki, M. Louta, I. Varlamis, "A Trust-Aware System for Personalized User Recommendations in Social Networks", in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (Part A), 44(4), 2014

(6) V. Suresh, S. Roohi, M. Eirinaki, "Aspect-Based Opinion Mining and Recommendation System for Restaurant Reviews", to appear in Proceedings of The ACM Conference Series on Recommender Systems (ACM RecSys 2014), October 2014, Foster City, CA

(7) V. Suresh, S. Roohi, M. Eirinaki, I. Varlamis, "Using Social Data for Personalizing Review Rankings", to appear in Proceedings of the 6th ACM RecSys Workshop on Recommender Systems & the Social Web (RSWeb 2014), October 2014, Foster City, CA

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(9) Varlamis, M. Eirinaki, M. Louta, "Application of social network metrics to a trust-aware collaborative model for generating personalized user recommendations", book chapter in "The Influence of Technology on Social Network Analysis and Mining", eds. Tansel Ozyer et. al., Springer 2013, Lecture Notes in Social Networks (ISBN 978-3-7091-1345-5), pp. 49-74

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