Hua Harry Li
Computer Engineering

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Hua Harry Li, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Engineering, with research expertise in Intelligent Control, Computer Vision and Embedded Systems, who started his higher education career as Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department, College of Engineering at Texas Tech University in 1989, and then tenured Associate Professor in 1994, he joined the San Jose State University in January 1997.

His research includes pioneering the development of fuzzy logic intelligent controller design for solving nonlinear control and computer vision problems with applications from semiconductor equipment control to robotics. He developed technique to improve and enhance the PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) controller and added the fuzzy controller tool to the modern control design practice. He authored edited book "Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System" (with Madan Gupta, ISBN 0-7923-9575-1, by Kluwer Academic Publishers), in neural fuzzy intelligence and Intelligent Control. His research and the prototype system of Fuzzy Intelligent Controller for solving "balancing a beam-and-ball system", e.g., Astrom Nonlinear Control Problem, was given an Industrial Neural Network Award in the World Congress Neural Network Conference, in San Diego, California.

Dr. Li, was a IEEE CPMT (Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology) technical committee member and a Guest Editor for the emerging technology section of IEEE Transactions on CPMT (Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology), one of the top ranking Professional Technical Journals in the field. He was invited contributor to the Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (On Neural Fuzzy Control techniques for semiconductor equipment control applications, pp. 154- 157, Vol. 8, Fr-Hi, ISBN 0-471-13946-7, John Wiley and Sons Inc. ), and invited tutorial guest speaker at American Mathematician Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Li has active and extensive High Tech industry experience in the Silicon Valley including working as consulting principle engineer, senior system architect, principle technologist in a range of companies from start-up to a major telecom public traded company. He has been actively teaching Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning Courses etc. in the Silicon Valley companies including Lockheed, KLA-Tencor, Ebay etc. He is listed in Who's Who in America (53rd Edition, Vol. 2, ISBN 0-8379-0194-4) and Who's Who in Science and Engineering (A Marquis Who's Who Publications, pp. 683, 4th Edition, ISBN 0-8379-5756-7, New Providence, NJ 07974, 1999).


(1) Intelligent Control
(2) Computer Vision
(3) Embedded Systems, and their applications in Robotics and Self Driving Vehicles
(4) Internet of Things
(5) Cognitive radio and sensors


(1) Professor, 1999-Present, Computer Engineering Department, San Jose State University, San Jose, California.
(2) Associate Professor, 1997-1999, Computer Engineering Department, San Jose State University, San Jose, California.
(3) Associate Professor and Tenure Promotion, 1994-1997, Computer Science Department, College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.


Authored Books

1. Vision Chips: Implementing Vision Algorithms with Analog VLSI, (with Christof Koch) ISBN 0-8186-6492-4, by IEEE CS Press.

2. Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System, (with Madan Gupta) ISBN 0-7923-9575-1, by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

3. Video Data Compression for Multimedia Computing, (with S. Sun and H. Derin) ISBN 0-7923-9790-8, by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Selected paper/book chapters

4. Invited Contributor To Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering On Neural Fuzzy Control techniques for semiconductor equipment control applications, pp.154-157, Vol. VIII, Fr-Hi, ISBN 0-471-13946-7, John Wiley and Sons Inc.

5. Hua Li and Nowell Godfrey, ``Real Time Fuzzy Logic Controller for Balancing a Bean-and-Ball System,'' IEEE Macro, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp.64-.

6. Hua Li and Yuan-Dong Ji, ``Fuzzy-Logic Tool on Tap for IC Wafers,'' IEEE Circuits and Devices, Vol.10, No.2, pp.30-35.

7. Hua Li and Ching-Ho Chen, ``A Neural-Type Network for Solving Minimal Energy Path in Real Time,'' IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part I, Vol. 40, No. 2, CAS-I, pp. 111-123.

8. Hua Li and Jun Wang, ``Computing Optical Flow with a Recurrent Neural Network,'' International J. of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 7, No. 4, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

9. Sukir S. Kumaresan and Hua Li, ``Robotic Hand-Eye Coordination Based on Fuzzy Logic,'' a book chapter in Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems, ISBN 0-7923-9575-1, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.