Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh
Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Hamedi-Hagh joined the Department of Electrical Engineering in 2005. His areas of research and expertise include high frequency modeling of semiconductor device structures and design of Radio Frequency, Analog and Mixed-Signal integrated circuits for wireless and wireline communication systems.
Dr. Hamedi-Hagh has developed the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits laboratory and curriculum at both graduate and undergraduate levels with over $0.5M research funding and through close collaborations with industries. He has received several California State University (CSU) professional development grants, CSU Research Funds, Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) grants, SJSU Planning Council Grants, College of Engineering professional development grants and Junior Faculty Career Development Grants. He is a founding member of SJSU Smart Technology and Computing Center for Complex Systems. In 2016, he was appointed as the Mixed-Signal endowed chair at the College of Engineering. Dr. Hamedi-Hagh has co-authored a research book on Silicon Nanowire Transistors with Springer. He has over 30 refereed scientific journal and conference papers and has received several best paper awards. Dr. Hamedi-Hagh has advised and consulted on several hundred projects on design of integrated circuits and systems. He holds seven US and world patents on wireless circuits, systems and security. His latest patent introduces suspendance® and trajectance® laws as alternatives to Kirchhoff's laws for circuit analysis.


2) Analog
3) Mixed-Signal
4) IoT Radio
5) Transceiver Design


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